360º Rotating Quick Coupler

Transform your excavator operations with a Harford Rotating Quick Coupler

The dream combination of a 360 rotary motor with a Harford pin grabber or quick coupler means all your attachments can move freely through 360 degrees.
The compact design makes it a perfect fit for any excavator 1 to 9T and takes precision digging and landscaping to a whole new level, especially in small or confined spaces.

With a Harford Rotator, ANY attachment can rotate and work statically at ANY point within a full 360-degree range.

No need to perform “reverse bucket” operations or keep switching between static and tilt/rotating buckets for landscaping or grading jobs.
The Harford rotator system, available for any excavator 1,650 – 19,850lbs, delivers tangible efficiencies and increases productivity by cutting out unnecessary machine movements, therefore expanding your machine’s range of capability and keeping work sites neater.

Easy installation, direct mount to the excavator, available with fully hydraulic (Uni-Lok or Safelock) or mechanical pin-grabber (Safelock or Pro-Lok) and coupler variations and 2 years warranty