High Performance Quick Couplers

Couplers to fit any brand of excavator

Harford Attachments

Think Safety

Think Security

Think Quality

The Harford Quick Couplers fit any excavator from 1650 to 30,800 lbs.

They are made to the highest build quality, easy to install and simple to operate.

Which quick coupler do I need?

Quick couplers and pin grabbers designed to meet your specific needs.

Tool Free Coupler – Ideal for mixed fleet rentals – dedicated system

Fully Hydraulic Coupler – reduces downtime – increases productivity

Ratchet Operated Coupler Pin Grabber

Not sure which coupler is right for you? Use our easy and convenient coupler finder tool

The Harford Attachments Advantage

Harford Quick Hitch Couplers - Uni-Lok

Work Faster

Uni-Lok® is a fully hydraulic, cab-operated coupler that lessens machine downtime and protects the operator from harm

Pro-Lok on bucket Harford Quick Hitch Couplers

Work Harder

Quality build couplers designed to help you increase your productivity and decrease your downtime.


Work Safer

All of our couplers have Visual Safety Indicators, to let you know your attachment is securely in place.

Rental or Retail, we have a quick coupler for that!

Whether you are looking for a quick coupler for your rental house, retail location, or your own personal/business machine, we have something for you.

Safelock is the #1 choice and perfect for mixed rental fleets, retail locations, or business use. Quick couplers that are easy. Easy to install, easy to use, and ZERO TOOLS to send with the machine.

Find out here how Safelock can help your fleet get to work.

Harford Quick Hitch Couplers Safelock - Quick Couplers

Harford at work

See one of our factory operations at work.

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KATO CES is proud to work with Harford Attachments. Their attention to detail, quality equipment, and unrivaled services make Harford Attachments an asset to our business.

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