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Pro-Lok® Quick Coupler

Pro-Lok is a Class leading, safe, mechanical quick coupler with double-locking technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Pro-Lok fits excavators from 1650 to 19,800 lbs, we will need to know your machine manufacturer and model. Please contact the sales team to discuss

Low level of maintenance is required but we recommend keeping your Pro-Lok clean and regularly greased for your best performance and a long service life. Spare parts are available here

Please refer to our resources page for guides and information

All Harford couplers are warranted for 2 years, subject to our warranty policy.

Pro-Lok in Detail

Pro-Lok® is a class leading, safe, mechanical quick coupler with double locking technology and built-in safety features putting operator safety at the forefront. Simple to attach, easy to operate and super low maintenance. This manual quick hitch picks up all your buckets and will outperform and outlive any spring-type equivalent many time over. 

If you need the hydraulic equivalent, take a look at Uni-Lok®, which incorporates all the safety and quality features you’d expect from a Harford Coupler, with a one switch, fully hydraulic, cab operated system.

Full spare parts and after sales support are available 

Need more help, or would like to discuss ordering a Pro-Lok? Contact us today

Pro-Lok on bucket Harford Quick Hitch Couplers
Scandi Bkt on Tilt hitch

Want to upgrade your excavators performance?

Select a Harford Tilt Coupler for the toughest grading and landscaping jobs - works at any angle within a 180º range.