What Makes Harford Safelock® The Coupler of Choice For Rentals?

If you’re running a rental fleet of excavators, it’s vital to know your attachments are consistently reliable and won’t let you down.  The Safelock® dedicated coupler is proven, trusted and durable; designed specifically with the rental market in mind.
We have worked closely with excavator rental companies over a number of years to identify and understand the common pain points.  The Safelock® dedicated quick coupler addresses each and every one.
What makes a Harford Safelock® coupler so perfect for rental fleets?
  • Easy to install and use, easy to maintain with no special tools required.
  • Integral safety features for inexperienced operators.
  • Limited theft appeal, with it being a dedicated system.
  • Superior build-quality, durable and reliable.
Let’s go through each of these points in more detail to explain why they’re so important in the decision to prefer Safelock® for your excavator fleet.


Easy to Install, Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain

As with all our products, the Harford, Safelock® was designed with the operator in mind. We know that your customers want equipment they can rely on and make life easier, so we made sure Safelock® is simple to install at the rental depot, customers can start using the excavator straight away without reading complicated instructions.


Integral Safety Features

A simple integral operating handle does it all and ensures attachments are safely engaged.  No specialist tools or safety pins required, so nothing to get lost whilst the excavator is out on hire plus an easy maintenance regime will give you many hours (and years) of trouble-free operation.
Dedicated Attachment system keeps your buckets secure
Safelock® attachments are designed to only work with our Safelock® couplers. This means you rent the hitches and buckets together and can be assured that they’ll come back together. The coupler and buckets are only useful together, so the theft appeal is very limited – no more buckets “accidentally forgotten” or stolen from site.
This is a significant benefit for any rental company in terms of reduced “off-hire” time and attachment replacement costs, as well as being more convenient for your customers. With security being a key issue for construction sites, using the Safelock® system reduces the chances of equipment theft.


Attachment Flexibility

As we’ve mentioned, the Safelock® system is ideal for reducing the chances of theft, as there’s a limit to the attachments that can be used, keeping your rental buckets secure. However, we also offer Adaptor Plates which enable the use of any standard pick-up attachment whilst using Safelock® couplers.
This means you can offer your rental customers the ultimate flexibility if they’d like to use their own buckets, or need specific buckets for their job, while still offering a secure solution to reduce theft of rental equipment.

Quality, durable products offer superior value for money

Our Safelock® range is manufactured to the highest quality standards, with superior build quality and durability. This gives the coupler an extremely long lifespan and means they’ll rarely be unavailable for use due to repairs or breakdowns. Plus, they’re up to the toughest of jobs, giving you peace of mind that they’ll give complete customer satisfaction.
When we spoke to rental companies, downtime between jobs or for repairs was one of the key issues they were concerned with. So, we specifically designed the Safelock® system to cut out wasted time. And less downtime means fast turnaround, so your equipment can be out earning you income instead of stuck in the shop with your mechanics.
Find out more about Harford Attachments’ Safelock® range here. Or, for more details, just get in touch with our friendly team.
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